Parish Council Elections in May 2019

At the end of April 2019, the current members of Porlock Parish Council will be coming to the end of their 4-year term of office. This creates an opportunity for other members of the Porlock community to seek election as a parish councillor, particularly as several long-standing members are standing down and not seeking re-election.

The council consists of 12 unpaid elected members, who either live or have businesses in Porlock, who, under the guidance of the Parish Clerk, are responsible for the running of village services and amenities. Over the past 10 years, because of government devolution and localism powers, the Parish Council has taken on the running of services previously provided by Somerset County Council and West Somerset Council, and will now be dealing with the new combined Somerset West and Taunton Council. The services include:

  • Provision of public toilets in Doverhay Car Park, roadside grass verge cutting and ground maintenance.
  • Running the library with volunteers.
  • Helping to maintain a partnership with Selworthy and Luccombe PCs and Minehead
  • Town Council to retain the No 10 Porlock Weir – Minehead bus service.

The Council also has statutory duties regarding planning applications, and the provision of local affordable housing. They also help with village enhancement schemes, flood and civil contingency schemes, the Porlock Marsh and Porlock Vale Coastal Communities Team, and any other matters which affect the village and local area. Its members are very pro-active and are very enthusiastic in trying to make Porlock a good environment in which to live. It helps that members are non-political, and meetings are conducted with good humour, with everyone working together to make Porlock what it is.

Full Council meetings are held once a month, plus various sub-committees as necessary such as Cemetery, Finance, Footpaths, Conservation Area, Planning and Highways. The Council also has a representative on other committees such as the Recreation Ground, Porlock Village Hall, Porlock Vale Tourist Association, Doverhay Manor and the Exmoor Panel.

If you would like further information of how to become a Parish Councillor and help to maintain your community, its amenities and activities, please contact the Parish Clerk Debbie Pitkin, Parish Office, Old School Building, Porlock, Tel: 01643 863350 (, or speak to any of the current Parish Councillors.

  • Malcolm McCoy Chairman, Porlock Parish Council
  • Cllr. Mrs. Sarah Ellicott
  • Cllr. Mrs. Terry Gable
  • Cllr. Richard Growden
  • Cllr. Roger Hall
  • Cllr. David Hancock
  • Cllr. David Latham
  • Cllr. Andrew Milne
  • Cllr. Mrs. Tess Nixon
  • Cllr. Mrs. Marilynn Russell
  • Cllr. Malcolm Sage
  • Cllr. John Ware

Porlock Parish Council is an equal opportunities employer

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