Confirmation of the PPC Sustainability policy.

The below press release was APPROVED at the November PPC meeting:

Porlock Parish Council have adopted a new policy to put sustainability at the heart of all they do. This was agreed unanimously at their meeting in October.
The Councillor who proposed it, Duncan McCanlis, commented, “That was the easier bit. Much consultation and work is required by the Parish Council to address the biodiversity and climate crisis facing us all.”
With many local councils all around the country declaring a climate emergency, this is another link in the chain of change. The policy is also being incorporated into the Porlock Vale Coastal Community Team’s draft of the proposed ‘Economic Plan 2019’. The Councillor bringing that plan, Chris Wood, commented: “The economic future of the Vale is increasingly linked to people’s desire to ensure a sustainable future for us all, so our marketing strategy for Porlock and its surrounding villages will be reflecting the need for sustainable activities.”
To find out more, or to comment on this Porlock initiative, please contact the Parish Clerk by email

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