Repair Cafe

Please find below a request from The Porlock Vale Coastal Community Team (PVCCT) for interest regarding the potential of a Repair Cafe in Porlock.

A Repair Café is a workshop run by volunteers with the intention of helping others to repair domestic items. People bring along a broken item, tap into volunteer expertise to fix it, receive help to fix it themselves or at least some advice about what the best course of action might be. A cuppa and snacks are made available for customers and volunteers. The ultimate aim is to repair, reuse, recycle and as a result, prevent items ending up in landfill when the owner does not know how to fix them.  

The Porlock Vale Coastal Community Team (PVCCT) is looking into the feasibility of setting up a Repair Café. With this in mind, we are keen to hear from local people who would be prepared to volunteer some time, knowledge and expertise to a monthly repair café. You may have a hobby, skill or expertise in the areas listed below or be able to offer other repair skills, in which case we’d love to hear from you.

The intention would be to repair a wide range of items such as:

Household items

Mechanical items



There are a number of successful Repair Cafes across the UK from which we can learn and seek advice but clearly, in the first instance, we need to assess whether we have sufficient interest from local volunteers to make it viable. Should the virus continue into 2021, we would need to ensure that the café was covid safe and initially, perhaps customers would just drop off their items and collect them at a later date If you would be happy to support this venture as a volunteer  we’d be pleased to hear from you at with the following details:




(For further information on repair cafes check out Ruth Walker, on behalf of Porlock Vale Coastal

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