Freedom of Information

Information available under the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT– January 2009

Under the requirements of the above Act information on the following documents is available to members of the public on request from the Clerk at the address below, or by visiting the Parish Room at the Old School Centre on Wednesday or Thursday between 11am and 2pm.

A photocopying charge of 20p per A4 sheet will be made and postage, if relevant, charged at 2ndclass rate.

Class 1 – Council structure and organisation.

Contact details:

  • Annie Dallaway, Locum RFO,, 07593 405161
  • Email: Please use the Contact form

Class 2 – Council Expenditure.

  • Current and previous year’s accounts
  • Annual return form and audit report
  • Finalised budget and precept
  • Financial Standing Orders & Regulations
  • Grants given and received
  • Member’s allowances and expenses
  • List of current contracts awarded

Class 3 – Strategies and Plans, Audit, Inspections and Reviews.

  • Parish Plan
  • Annual Report to parish

Class 4 – Decision making processes and records of decisions.

  • Timetables of meetings
  • Agendas of meetings
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Reports presented at Council Meetings
  • Responses to consultation papers
  • Response to planning applications
  • Bye-laws

Class 5 – Policies and procedures.

  • Standing Orders
  • Code of Conduct
  • Policy Statements: Equality & Diversity policy
  • Policies & procedures for handling requests for information
  • Complaints procedure
  • Risk Assessment
  • Schedule of charges for the publication of information
  • Employment practice and procedures

Class 6 – Lists and Registers

  • Currently maintained lists and registers only
  • Any publicly available list or register
  • Register of Members’ interests
  • Register of gifts and hospitality
  • Assets register

Class 7 – Services offered by the Council

  • Cemetery at Hawkcombe and associated burial fees
  • Closed churchyard (St. Dubricius)
  • Old School Centre. Seating
  • Litter bins
  • War Memorial
  • Agency agreements